Recent Issues Solved – Telegram Group Instructions

Dear Tradunity Users,

Thank you for joining our Community!

A bit more than 24h ago we launched our website and we were positively overwhelmed by your participation.

Your feedback from the support requests motivated us to fix the bugs that came out as soon as we could. We understand that some of these bugs have made you uneasy, and we apologize for that.

A most notable bug was the inability to join the telegram group.

Around 15% of our users could not join the Telegram Group. Some of you did not introduce your telegram id while some of you were affected by a delayed confirmation from our payment gateway, which in turn rendered your membership inactive.

That made our Group Bot not to be able to verify you. Now, this is fixed, so please, if you have not entered your username, or it is not correct, follow the instructions in this video.  The instructions are also available in our FAQ section.

For those who were banned because our bot could not verify you, you are now unbanned.

Join the group at this link: .

If you still have any trouble, please write us via our support desk, and please mention your username in your support message. You will find the support button on the lower right corner of our website.

Except this issue, we have fixed other less visible bugs and are now ready to focus more on the evolution of the project and to provide you with more quality content. We would like to remind you that your comments are welcome on the Trading Signal group, and your questions are encouraged on our Questions & Answers group.

We also appreciate your feedback. Your suggestions and bug reports have helped us identify and fix many problems in a short time. We really appreciate your messages and try to reply to all of them.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused you in these first 24h from our launch.


The Tradunity Team

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